What is Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™? | & what does it do for CNC Plasma Cutting?

As specialists in CNC Plasma, here at SUREFIRE CNC we often get asked what the new Hypertherm SYNC™ series is all about, and what benefits does it provide for CNC Plasma. So, here’s your simple, straight-to-the-point guide.

What is SYNC™?

The main change with the new Hypertherm SYNC™ series, is that all the front-end torch consumables are all in a one-piece cartridge, instead of the nozzle, shield and electrode being separate parts.

What are the key benefits?

#1 – Efficiency & ease of use

As an added benefit of the consumable set being all one piece instead of separated, the machine automatically sets the amperage and other parameters according to which cartridge is installed on the torch.

For example, if you installed a 45amp finecut cartridge onto the torch, the machine would automatically recognise it, and set itself up for fine cutting at 45 amps.

Furthermore, if you also run a hand plasma cutting torch along with your CNC set up, the cartridges are colour-coded, so you don’t mix the wrong cartridge for the application.

CNC plasma cutting

#2 – Diagnostics

SYNC™ will also automatically alert you to the fact that the cartridge has reached the end of its life. This will alleviate frustrations with poor or inconsistent cutting results.

CNC plasma cutting

#3 – Smart data

The SYNC™ cartridges include a smart chip that stores cutting & performance data. This data can be recalled through the machine power source, or using an optional cartridge reader and smartphone app.

This data can be helpful for efficiency gains, time management, diagnostics and also quality assurance measures.

CNC Plasma


The SYNC™ system is available in 65, 85 & 105 amperage machine models.

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Disclaimer: This information is for general reference only and may not accurately pertain to your situation or intended application. This article relates solely to the cutting of metals, especially mild steel. The information in this article is given from our overall perspective of industrial cutting systems for entry-level users who typically cut materials up to 25-30mm. Actual comparisons between one system and another will vary for different material thicknesses and applications. Buyers should conduct their own research to determine the ideal product for their application. E.&O.E.