CNC Pipe Cutter Machines: Introducing Bend-Tech Dragon – your complete solution for plasma cutting of pipe & square tube (RHS)


SUREFIRE CNC brings the amazing Bend-Tech Dragon CNC Pipe Cutter Machines to Australia

For some time, the team at SUREFIRE CNC searched and researched the globe to find the best CNC pipe cutter machine. Bend-Tech Dragon from USA stood out from the pack and Weldclass now exclusively distribute and support the Bend-Tech Dragon series in Australia!

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About Bend-Tech Dragon Series:

Bend-Tech Dragon is a complete solution for cutting, etching and marking metal tube (round pipe and square tube), and is combined with the world’s most powerful software for tube design and manufacturing.


A Dragon CNC Pipe Cutter Machine will;

  • Plasma cut your end profiles, holes and contours.
  • Mark or etch your bending information; including bend angle labeling, bend location line-up marking and bend rotation line-up marking.
  • Mark your weldment fit-up locations
  • And more…!

All this is done in seconds directly from your 3D solid CAD designs.


Bend-Tech Dragon A150

  • For round pipe 19mm to 75mm dia
  • Ideal for jobbing shops etc
  • Length: 3m

Bend Tech Dragon Machine A150







Bend-Tech Dragon A400

  • For Round Pipe 13-150mm and Square/Rectangular Tube (SHS/RHS) 13-100mm
  • Designed for higher volume production work
  • Length: 3m, 7m or 9.1m

Bend Tech Dragon Machine A400








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