Arcdroid versus Surefire XT series CNC plasma cutters

Arcdroid VS Surefire XT series CNC plasma cutter

Are you interested in using a CNC plasma machine for heavy-duty cutting applications? Choosing the right machine is a major decision for your business so we’ve made it easier in this blog. We have provided this article to explain the difference between Arcdroid and Surefire XT Series machines.

We compare the Arcdroid range and the Surefire range of CNC plasma cutters, highlighting their features, advantages, and potential drawbacks. By understanding these key differences, you can decide which machine is right for your application.

Arcdroid CNC plasma cutter

Arcdroid CNC plasma cutter

Arcdroid CNC is based in Canada and Hong Kong, manufacturing portable CNC cutting machines for various applications. 


Weighing just under 16kgs, the ArcDroid™ is easy to transport to various job sites. The machine measures 508mm wide by 368.3mm high and is 254mm deep, making it easy to fit into any workshop. The cut envelope of the Arcdroid machine is 660mm by 380mm. 

Software and CAD

Using Simple Trace™ technology, it’s easy to operate the Arcdroid CNC cutting machine without any external software or CAD skills. It also has a touchscreen interface which you can use while wearing protective gloves. 


This machine is fully compatible with Fusion 360, SheetCAM, and QCAD/CAM. Unfortunately, the Arcdroid is not suitable for use with a high-frequency start mechanism as this could cause damage to the machine. 


The Arcdroid range comes with: 

  • The CNC machine
  • Touchscreen
  • Stylus
  • Calibration rack  

Surefire XT series CNC plasma cutter

Surefire CNC XT series CNC plasma cutter

Available in a range of sizes, XT Series CNC Plasma tables are developed specifically for Australian and New Zealand metal fabricators. These machines are durable, suitable for industrial use, easy to operate, and cost-effective. They’re also fully backed up by Australian technical support. 

The Surefire XT range

The XT range includes the following machines: 


  • Cutting area – 1500mm by 3000mm
  • Priced from $40,400 (or $32/day on finance)
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  • Cutting area – 1220mm by 2440mm
  • Priced from $37,200 (or $29/day on finance)
  • Learn more >


  • Cutting area – 1220mm by 1220mm
  • Priced from $31,900 (or $25/day on finance)
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Software and CAD

All of our CNC tables are controlled by our SURECONTROL software, with integrated CAM and machine control in one simple package. You’ll also gain full technical support from our experienced team who can guide you through every step of the process. We also include an easy-to-use CAD drawing software with every XT series table. 


The Surefire range comes with: 

  • CNC plasma cutter.
  • SURECONTROL software.
  • Flatbed design for easy loading.
  • Plasma power-source options up to 32mm steel capacity.
  • Travel speed up to 10,000mm per minute.
  • Input power 240V 10 Amp.
  • Waterbed included for cost-effective fume control and heat-related warpage control.

The XT Series Advantage

Advantages of the Surefire XT series

Wondering what the advantages are of choosing a Surefire CNC XT machine? Find the stand-out features below.

Stepper-servo motors

The XT series axis are powered by heavy-duty stepper-servo motors. The closed-loop technology measures the travel distance of the motors, ensuring accurate calibration every time.

Quality linear bearings

With its latest high-rigidity linear bearing technology, the XT series is engineered specifically for the XT plasma cutting beds and boasts an exceptionally long service life.

PC trolley included

The XT series comes with a portable trolley and lockable cabinet. This allows you to store your computer or laptop securely when not in use.

Precision Z-axis

In the XT Series, the A ball and screw Z-axis lifter ensure precision torch height movement. You also have the option of ohmic or floating-head initial torch height sensing. 

Made in Australia

100% Australian owned and operated, our range of CNC plasma cutters are designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian businesses.

Best CNC machines for metal fabrication

Ultimately, the right CNC machine will depend on your application and your workshop setup. If you need a portable hobby machine, the Arcdroid may be a suitable choice. However, if you’re looking for adaptability and high-cut quality, you can’t go past the Surefire XT Series for a workshop.

If you want more advice about CNC plasma cutters and the best options on the market, download our Buyer’s Guide. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know to choose your CNC machine and ensure efficiency in your workshop, including:

  • Machine specifications
  • CAD software
  • Cut quality
  • Costs
  • Maintenance.

We also share a wealth of knowledge from the Surefire CNC team to ensure you get the best setup for your needs. Click below to get your free copy.